cheeky WELLNESS - Wellness means state of good health of body as well of mind ! Why does it have to be cheeky? Because laughter is the best form of therapy! One of the hormones which is released during laughter are endorphins(body's natural painkillers) which create general feeling of wellbeing and relive pain. Sadhguru says, we must ensure that in this life come what may, at least this body and mind were not the issue!  What happens on our outside we can not control, we just can't. I bet life has taught that to you by now, but what happens within us is up to us. We always have a choice!

Everything psychological is biological, and vice a versa.

Yogic science has always understood the body and the mind as one. Now there is enough scientific data to back this up. State of wellness of your body will impact your mind, and of wellness of mind will influence the body.  

The aim of cheeky Wellness is  to bridge this gap for you, ultimately resulting in a healthier body and a peaceful mind.

Your wellbeing, our Priority

Your happiness, our Goal




Bring Yoga into your life in the  comfort of your home, at your desired time and designed exclusively for you.


Find a program for Mental and Physical well being of  your team and employees.


Sometimes you don't need an advice but someone to listen to




Cheeks is a fantastic trainer. She made sure to tailor workouts according to my fitness goals, explains the benefits of the exercises we are doing, and consistently pushed me to achieve all my goals. She trained me for over a year and helped me lose 10kg weight in the process. I really loved how enthusiastic she always was during the classes. She is a person who is genuinely concerned for her clients. Way to go Cheeks! THANK YOU :)



A superb teacher and guide who really feels for the students . She will go out of her way to help you achieve your goals in fitness and gets totally attached to you like a family. I wanted a teacher and I got an additional friend philosopher and guide in her . She is a part of our family now



Cheeks is very professional in every manner. She’s very knowledgeable of all the topics she offers. In yoga she lives what she teaches. The amount of information she shares about your body and how yoga helps is amazing. She’s the best out there! Highly recommend anyone looking for good yoga with a dash of laughter you’ve found the right instructor in Cheeks.



One person who can motivate to wake me up at 5 am is Cheeks. Very knowledgeable and professional in her approach. Cheeky sense of humour which keeps you amused/alert. She plans the classes keeping in mind my physical condition and very careful that we don't stretch toooo much. Very entertaining always. Love the shav asana with the special music in the background. Learnt a lot and more to come. THANKS CHEEKS!!!


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